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一、服务器规划 下面的服务器ip、用户、目录为示例,根据具体情况设定。 安装activemq前,请确保已经安装jdk1.7或jdk1.8。 1.1 服务器列表 操作系统: CentOS6.2+ 或 Redhat6.2+ serv-a1 主 serv-b1 从 1.2 用户规划 mqusr activemq用户 1.3 目录规划 目录 用途 备注 /opt 应用目录 owner: mqusr /opt/_archive 安装程序归档 /data 数据目录 owner: mqusr /data/nas_data nas共享目录 二、activemq 安装至 serv-a1 (主), serv-b1(从) 下面以serv-a1为例。 2.1 建立数据目录 [root@serv-a1 ~]# mkdir /data/nas_data/activemq [root@serv-a1 ~]# mkdir /data/nas_data/activemq/serv-a1 [root@serv-a1 ~]# mkdir /data/nas_data/activemq/serv-b1 [root@serv-a1 ~]# chown -R mqusr:mqusr /data/nas_data/activemq/ [root@serv-a1 ~]# su – mqusr 2.2 解压activemq程序包 [mqusr@serv-a1 ~]$ cd /opt/ [mqusr@serv-a1 opt]$ tar -zxf apache-activemq-5.13.4-bin.tar.gz [mqusr@serv-a1 opt]$…

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ActiveMQ Delay and Schedule Message Delivery

ActiveMQ from version 5.4 has an optional persistent scheduler built into the ActiveMQ message broker. It is enabled by setting the broker schedulerSupport attribute to true in the Xml Configuration. An ActiveMQ client can take advantage of a delayed delivery by using the following message properties: Check your Message Properties The message property scheduledJobId is reserved for use by the Job Scheduler. If this property is set before sending, the message will be sent immediately and not scheduled. Also, after a…

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